Just like people, pets need vaccinations to protect them from potentially fatal illness. We are very fortunate in this day and age to have access to wonderful medicine as many in the past have not been so lucky. Being able to give our pets the best chance at longterm health is definitely something to feel good about.

DOGS need to be vaccinated against Dog Whooping Cough (Kennel Cough), Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis. Puppies need a course of vaccinations to be given to build up immunity. After this course is completed, boosters are required each year. It is important for all puppy owners to know that until a pup has had its full course of vaccinations (including 2 weeks after the final vaccination) they should NOT be exposed to public places or socialise with other dogs..... this includes contact with other dogs through a fence. These diseases are caused by highly contagious germs that can and do kill puppies..... don't let your puppy become a statistic.

CATS need to be vaccinated against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis as a minimum. Cat FIV (cat AIDS) and Leukemia vaccinations are also recommended for any cat venturing outdoors. Kittens, like puppies, require an initial course of vaccinations to get their immunity up to protective levels. After that a yearly booster is all that is required.

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